About Us

Everyone at AeroGrove is passionate about scented candles. We feel candles are like music that should deliver a soothing and relaxing experience.

As candles are directly connected to health of the people, it has become our social responsibility to spread awareness about the right candles that one should always choose. 

That being said, at AeroGrove, we can proudly tell you that each and every scented candle that's on the store is 100% Natural, Organic & Eco-friendly. Our every collection has non-toxic candles that are free of phthalates, lead, paraffin wax, and other harmful chemicals. So you can be 100% sure to receive a Natural & Safe-for-Health product.

AeroGrove, being socially responsible, does every bit in taking care of our mother nature by being Carbon Neutral from sourcing ingredients to shipping.  

Here's our story about how Aerogrove actually started.

When you buy a scented candle from AeroGrove, you don't just buy a candle, you invite a complete aromatic experience. Cherish the memories, enjoy every moment and settle nothing for less than perfection.

We are on a mission to deliver a perfect combination of Luxury scented candles that come with Premium Fragrances and all Natural Ingredients that are safe for health.

Our candles come with a sense of sophistication that indulge you into a journey of Soothing Premium Fragrances blended into Natural Soy Wax topped with Wooden Wicks and elegantly chic vessels. Just close your eyes & the power of scent would get you transported from Forests to Oceans & from Floral Gardens to Mountain Tops.

Come, Discover the Experience.