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Large Treasure Chest Luxury Subscription Box

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Product Description

Welcome to our EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE LUXURY monthly subscription box.

We will send you our handpicked scented candles OR you choose your candles package with specified sizes (11oz, 5oz & 5oz ).

Get them monthly with our subscription at your doorstep at an excellent prices so you never run out of your favorite candles.

You can choose your own 3 candles fragrances for all 3 sizes that are your favorites or the ones that you would like to try We wont just give you our candles we will send you our premium quality wax melts with it of some other fragrance so you can try it out & let us know if you like it. 


Just let us know we would surprise you with 3 candles from our highest selling collections.


  1. Order the Subscription box and we will send you a follow up email to pick your fragrances & Candle vessels for each size.
  2. You would reply to the email with your choices and you are all set.
  3. Every month we will send you similar follow up email to choose your candles.

 If you want to order an extra box or even if you want to skip for a month or cancel the subscription at any time please just reach out to us on email Groveaero@gmail.com.  No questions asked.

  • Premium Handmade Gourmet Luxury candles - Subscription Box
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% paraffin free Soy Wax
  • Wooden Wick
  • Premium Luxury vessels
  • Burn Time 40 + hours
  • Net weight: 11+5+5oz
  • Premium quality fragrance oils.
  • Premium Packaging
  • We use our profits to save pets from being euthanize from shelters and to market them to find their forever home. So you are not just helping us by buying this candle, you are also helping us to save pets. We THANK YOU for that.

 Fragrance Details:

All of our fragrances are combination of well researched scents, when you lit the candles you will always smell fragrances in 3 notes - top, middle and base.

  1. The Reign of Flowers scent:

The Reign of Flowers scent is a whirl of major florals, with streaks yuzu and pear and finished off with sacred woods.

The top note begins with Yuzu, Pear and a hint of mandarin which opens up to a Ylang Ylang, with a hint of Plum blossom. It is pacified with Hinoki, Patchouli & Apricot wood at the base.

TOP: Yuzu, Pear, Mandarin

MIDDLE: Ylang Ylang, Plum Blossom

BASE: Hinoki, Apricot Wood, Patchouli

  1. More Than Just Vanilla scent:

More Than Just Vanilla scent is a truly sexy and warm vanilla, lifted by cashmere with hint of wood and a sweet amber these fragrances are pacified slight notes of fruity citrus.

The top note begins with Pear, Bergamot and a hint of peach blossom which opens up to a Warm Amber, Jasmine with a hint of cashmere. It is pacified with Sheer rich Vanilla, musk & Sandalwood at the base.

TOP: Pear, Bergamot, Peach Blossom

MIDDLE: Warm Amber, Jasmine, Cashmere

BASE: Musk, Sheer Vanilla, Sandalwood

  1. The Dark Garden scent:

The Dark Garden scent is combination of Pink pepper and decadent plum infused with deep sexy black rose for a extremely soothing floral experience.

The top note begins with Pink Peppercorn, Grapefruit and a hint of plum which opens up to a Sexy black rose with a slight hint of cumin. It is pacified with Vanilla, Patchouli & finally Labdanum at the base.

TOP: Pink Peppercorn, Grapefruit, Plum

MIDDLE: Black Rose, Cumin

BASE: Vanilla, Patchouli, Labdanum

  1. The classic Pumpkin Spice scent:

Halloween or not, Pumpkin Spice is very classic fragrance loved by almost everyone it consists of pumpkin and fresh fruit with just perfect amount of spice and sweet.

The top note begins with Blood orange and a hint of Kumqua which opens up to a classic Pumpkin, persimmon, clove, allspice and with a slight hint of ginger in the middle. It is pacified with Vanilla & Brown sugar at the base.

TOP: Blood Orange, Kumqua

MIDDLE: Pumpkin, Persimmon, Clove, Allspice, Ginger

BASE: Brown Sugar, Vanilla

  1. Mystery of Saffron & Tobacco scent:

Mystery of Saffron & Tobacco is an Exotic scent that you will love. it has combination of mysterious saffron & white tea that curls up with orchid, tobacco leaf and fold into creamy vanilla.

The top note begins with Saffron and a hint of white tea which opens up to Purple peonies & Orchid with a slight hint of tobacco in the middle. It is pacified with Vanilla, Almond milk & tonka bean at the base.

TOP: Saffron, White Tea

MIDDLE: Purple Peonies, Orchid, Tobacco

BASE: Vanilla, Almond Milk, Tonka Bean]

  1. Dark leather forest scent:

Dark Leather forest is a Deep, sexy and enticing fragrance which feels like it is wrapped up in a rich leather with an ancient book and a good old brandy.

The top note begins with Bergamot and a hint of Candied Orange which opens up to Geranium & leather with hint of Rosemary in the middle. It is pacified with Oakmoss, Patchouli, Clove, Tobacco at the base.

Top: Bergamot, Candied Orange

MIDDLE: Geranium, Leather, Rosemary

BASE: Oakmoss, Patchouli, Clove, Tobacco

  1. Lavender forest in a Sea scent:

Lavender forest in a sea is a relaxing scent that pacify a soul & is carried in slowly by crisp juniper water.

The top note begins with Lavender and a hint of juniper water which opens up to Cardamom & sage with a slight hint of Davana in the middle. It is pacified with musk, white wood & beach wood at the base.

TOP: Lavender, Juniper Water

MIDDLE: Cardamom, Sage, Davana

BASE: Musk, White Woods, Beach Wood

  1. One with Bayberry Earth scent:

Bayberry Earth is very Earthly scent that consists of bayberry and fir in combination for fresh frosted forest escape. It makes you escape into the nature from the comfort of your home

The top note begins with Fir needle, Eucalyptus and a hint of frosted citrus which opens up to a Galbanum, Bayberry and white rose in the middle. It is pacified with Cedarwood, crushed pinecones & Musk at the base.

TOP: Fir Needle, Eucalyptus, Frosted Citrus

MIDDLE: Galbanum, Bayberry, White Rose

BASE: Cedarwood, Crushed Pinecones, Musk

  • Each Luxury Gourmet candle is precisely handmade at home, from hand pouring to packaging. You may find some finishing touches like spot of discolored wax, slightly misaligned sticker - be assured these does not affect the quality of our Luxury handmade candles.
  • 100 % Eco - friendly Natural Soy Wax which burns with no emissions and we use eco-friendly packaging as well.
  • Premium Quality Fragrance used precisely with an amount tested for fragrance to stay longer in your house.
  • Luxury Candles vessel - Handpicked colors & shapes defines the ultimate luxury. These vessels can also be repurposed for home decor or your desired use.
  • Burn Times are optimized to be higher & can differ based on surrounding temp & size of soot from wick.
  • To ensure maximum burn time be sure to trim the soot to quarter of an inch before burning.
  • We use wooden wicks to ensure you burn lead free wicks & larger burn pool to burn complete wax
  • We have tested each type, size, wicks, fragrance, burn time of all luxury Gourmet candles to ensure its premium quality.
  • Made with precautions for Covid -19 – we sanitize all candle vessels and packaging. Please wash your hands after you open the shipping box as it will be handled by various people during logistics.
If you have any feedback for us - Good or Bad or even the scents you would like to have in our handmade Luxury Gourmet Collection

We have two different set of Shipping Policy depending on the product you purchase with us.
AG Artist's Handmade Collection
1. Shipping is free all over United States 
2. Standard Shipping time is 4 to 10 days. This might get affected due to covid impacts or any other factors
3. Please allow 1 to 2 days processing time as we hand-make every candle from scratch at home. 
For returns and refund information please check the Returns and Refunds page. 
All Other Collections
1. Shipping is free all over United States 
2. Standard Shipping time is 4 to 10 days. This might get affected due to covid impacts or any other factors
3. Please allow 1 to 2 days processing time as our partners hand-make every candle from scratch. 
If you have any questions about delivery please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.


Tips to Burn Candles for Best Results:
1. Be sure to trim down the wick to quarter of an inch before you lit the candle for the first
time to get the maximum burn time.
2. Lit your candles in 2 to 4 hours of burn time each time for best results.
3. Never leave the burning candle unattended /out of sight

By buying this candle you are saving a pet from being euthanized in shelter, we use profitsfrom selling candles to adopt/ foster the pet on red list from the shelter and market themonline until they find the forever home.

Our Story:

We are a small from home business. My spouse does pet rescues and try to find them foreverhomes. But to be honest it requires funds and we use funds from our own pocket. We want tohelp save as many pets as we can. So we started this business to help fund the good cause myspouse is doing.

Join or contribute or support our cause:

As they always say support a business with a good cause. Here is your chance to do so.We want to create a very transparent portal where we can list all the pets from the nearestgeographical area that are on the red list in shelters and everyone can visit the platform, wewill facilitate the conversation with shelters to help you to adopt pets

To bring this project to life we have started a Storefront which you can support the cause bybuying very cute animal cartoon Tee-shirts from the below link if you really like them.We never ask for donations so please beware if someone ask you to donate in our name