(Pack of 2) Minimal Black & Elegant White Pearl Scented Soy Handmade Luxury Candle Duo (14oz + 14oz)

SKU: AG - 21
(Pack of 2) Minimal Black & Elegant White Pearl Scented Soy Handmade Luxury Candle Duo (14oz + 14oz)

(Pack of 2) Minimal Black & Elegant White Pearl Scented Soy Handmade Luxury Candle Duo (14oz + 14oz)

SKU: AG - 21
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  • 100% Eco-friendly & Natural Ingredients
  • Pure & Premium Fragrances
  • Carbon Neutral | Safe-For-Health
  • Secure payments | Free Shipping across USA

(Pack of 2) Minimal Black & Elegant White Pearl Luxury Candle.

  • Premium Handmade Gourmet Luxury candle - Minimal Black & Elegant White Pearl Luxury Candle
  • Hand-Made
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% paraffin-free Soy Wax
  • Wooden Wick
  • Matt Black Luxury glass vessels
  • Burn Time 80+ hours
  • Net weight 14 oz + 14 oz
  • Premium quality artist hand formulated fragrance oils.
  • Responsibly sourced Ingredients to delivery - We are 100% Carbon Neutral
  •  MPN: AG2X2

Gourmet Luxury Candles

  • Each Luxury Gourmet candle is precisely handmade at home, from Crafting, hand pouring to packaging. You may find some finishing touches like a spot of discolored wax, slightly misaligned sticker - be assured these do not affect the quality of our Luxury handmade candles.
  • 100 % Eco - friendly Natural Soy Wax which burns with no emissions
  • Premium Quality Fragrance used precisely with an amount tested for the fragrance to stay longer in your house.
  • Luxury Candles vessel - Hand-picked Colors & shapes define the ultimate luxury. All these vessels can also be repurposed for home decor or your desired use.
  • Burn Times are optimized to be higher & can differ based on surrounding temp & size of soot from the wick.
  • To ensure maximum burn time be sure to trim the soot to a quarter of an inch before burning.
  • We use wooden wicks to ensure you burn to lead-free wicks & a larger burn pool to burn complete wax
  • We have tested each type, size, wicks, fragrance, burn time of all luxury Gourmet candles to ensure their premium quality.
  • All of our ingredients are responsibly sourced & we are 100% Carbon Neutral from sourcing ingredients to delivery.  
  • If you have any feedback for us - Good or Bad or even the scents you would like to have in our handmade Luxury Gourmet Collection, please do reach out to us
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Tips to Use Candles for Best Results:
1. Be sure to trim down the wick to quarter of an inch before you lit the candle for the first time to get the maximum burn time and continue doing the same each time. 
2. Lit your candles in 2 to 4 hours of burn time each time for best results.
3. Never leave the burning candle unattended /out of sight

Everyone in Aero Grove Family is passionate about scented candles.   

My husband and I spend a lot on varieties of Scented Candles and at this point, it has become our lifestyle though we are always in search of those perfectly scented candles that are just the way we want.   

We noticed that the ‘Heroes’ in these scented candles were always missing. Those candles were missing one or the other things. Some had a fine fragrance but the soothing experience was missing, some missed the luxury, some were not natural & eco-friendly.    

You can argue that you know which scented candles you like, you have your favorite ones and I would like to bring it to your attention that they must cost a fortune or they are not 100% Eco-Friendly. I mean come on you would not want to experience Luxury at the expense of our planet, right?  

Where it all started?  

Our search evolved from the ‘best-scented candles’ to the ‘best ingredients for making scented candles and we ended up creating scented candles at our home. The family, friends, and colleagues visiting our home always appreciated the rich smell from our candles.   

They asked us where did we order these candles from. This made us realize that there are a lot more people out there who are just in search of the same.   

We did our research, whilst we came across some reviews off of Candle brands customers saying “Where’s the fragrance! it's like I can't even smell it”, some wrote, “Candle looks good but the scent is so boring, not what I expected”. This was bad and we were pretty sure about what we had to do.

We conducted our own research with the help of experts and wanted to create Luxury Candles with the right balance of rich fragrances, beautiful vessels, and affordable pricing with responsibly sourced ingredients that are natural, 100% Eco-friendly, and Carbon Neutral. 

Our Idea behind Aero Grove  

We started with an idea to create scented candles that people would not just love but adore & get obsessed with. People love no-nonsense stuff and we wanted to create the same thing.  

When you buy a candle with a high-end luxury fragrance, you are paying for everything with the fragrance & the experience. All we knew was how to get the fragrance right. We offered our perfumers' total creative control and healthy budgets. 

Worthwhile Efforts that paid off  

We wanted each & every fragrance of ours to carve out a story. So, we spent one whole year testing & iterating fragrances just to get the scent right. We used to filter out the best fragrances that our perfumers created and collected public opinion, then we would reiterate to get it closest to perfection.   

Finally, five of our most premium exquisite fragrance creations made it to the top and were ready to get blended with Natural Soy Wax topped with a Wooden Wick. From responsibly sourcing ingredients to shipping our candles, we have been Carbon Neutral since day one.   

We have kept our debut collection, Simple & Minimal, giving it a more sophisticated matte look, as we believe that Simple is the new Bold.   

Our Pillars  

Our candles are created on four pillars – 100% Natural & responsibly sourced Ingredients, Gourmet Premium Scents that give the ultimate luxury experience, Each candle personally Handmade by our Aero Grove family artists. And last but not the least, Sophisticated & classy look. These 4 pillars truly define us by keeping our customers at the center every time. 

Our Philosophy  

We have always believed in our philosophy - “Let the Candles make their statement”.    

With that, we introduce you to our Original Premium Collection of Scented Candles created without boundaries. With uncompromising quality, sustainability & authentic craftsmanship, our candles are truly made to discerning you.   

Our candle collection, in every sense, has the classic, elegant & rich smell that would take you on a journey of a soothing & charming experience. Come, indulge in it.

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